Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shame, Mr President

Shame Mr President for wanting to continue to be the President.
Shame Mr Vice President for working backdoor to be the President.

When the whole nation was expecting Kalam, i don't think he needs respect anymore, to turn down the ``tired'' third front's offer of Presidentship again, Mr President has asked the front for ``certainity''. Jaya did not go. Naidu asked the nation to infer for herself what ``certainity'' meant.

It means. Show me the numbers so that I feel confident that I will win. I will contest then, Mr President has said. Has not this young nation adored your silver flocks and scientific temper? It has come as a shocker to many, like me, that Kalam, caught in dirty politics, would behave like a politician. Unwilling to let the chair go.

He looks all the more stupid as the nation is waiting to have its first ever Woman President. We are not sure when History will present another opportunity to the womanhood, tortured to the core in every nook of this country. May be she looks frail and old. She, definitely, has a will. And, most likely a soul.

Kalam, who quotes *thirukural* often, after all may not have a soul. I was expecting him to come back to Anna University and live out of those two 10x10 rooms to design devices to help disabled children. Or may be head to Thumba to inspire more rocket scientists. But Mr President wants to sit at Rasthrapati Bhavan. His vision looks narrow.

Pray, Kalam is not thrown away from the chair. That would be a national disgrace. There's still time for him to step down. With all his grace and welcome our first lady Prez. Then, the nation can rejoice. And, at least in paper and in position, free the Indian woman!


avronea said...

i haven't been following the presidency thing that closely. but as much as i hate to admit it, shoba de (y'day's editorial) may have a point - don't make this a debate abt a symbol. pratibha patil is not going to be a symbol of emancipation of women in any way - we've had a very powerful woman pm, and later woman cms...have they been inspirations to the women of this country? actually mrs g perhaps...but that's cos she was much more than any old woman. look at patil - if she were prez would crimes against women fall? would wife-beaters respect women? would glass ceilings disappear? her bid for presidency is about tokenism - for minorities, a way to say that we respect differences and empower the oppressed without actually doing more than putting something in Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

As much as one may feel let down by Kalam, he was more inspirational. but has his stint as president improved the human dev index of most muslims?

hilary clinton becoming president would be so much more an inspiration - for women around the world, than patil's success could ever have.

The Ugly One said...

obama becoming president will inspire more than hillary :)

avronea said...

tis true!

bhamsblog said...

I disagree that it's shame on Prez.. u r being very harsh there. But agree with avron. dis is about making a token gesture--veril like what congress did to the muslims in UP to get their votes decades ago.Did the Fakruddin Ali Ahmeds help them to a better life?
maybe we should go back to the basic question.. what does the Prez do to the country? Parodied as a mere rubber stamp, APJ did an aazing thing-- he connected with the youth and made them proud. tat said, he should move on, tho' I never have rosy dreams like u of him in Anna Univ in a 10x10 et al. the next prez shd be someone capable of picking up the baton of kalam, and shd not get bogged down by sex.. we had a sarojini naidu at the UN for heaven's sake... and women's lot is still the sae as it was centuries ago. i do not think a female prez will make a big sociological impact.. call me a cynic if u will

timora said...

hi i liked your blog..nice poetry and i tried something similar with haiku once..i do agree with avron's point here..patil is already knee deep in controversy and her presence is somehow annoying as compared to kalam's warm heartednes and genuinenes...when we look for a prez he should definitely be someone very well educated and articulate with a genuine concern for people and not detached as mrs. patil is..we can definitely find more capable women to serve as president

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