Thursday, June 14, 2007

The First Lady.

As I was driving to the office this afternoon, I was thinking why not a woman as the President. I was thinking that Congress would think about Sister Nirmala. In honour of The Mother. I could not think of any other person, considering Kalam is vacating the highest office, after inspiring a generation, inspite of his comical gestures.
Here we are with this woman likely to be the first President of The Socialist, Democratic, Republic of India. The picture must have been taken decades back. She is quite old man. Nearly 3/4ths of a century.
Seasoned, non-controversial, and above all a woman. By the way, she is also a shekawat by way of marriage. So Rajputs are fighting it out. Pratibha is expected to beat Bairon easily. Now, can Jayalalithaa, the unofficial third front leader, argue and articulate against a woman candidate.
Congress thinks its a master stroke. I think, the nation has become uninspiring and political again.
I am not sure if she can walk around the Mughal Gardens.
Oh man! I think she looks so tired of life.
May she rest in Rahstrapathi Bhavan.
They forgot this is a young nation.


Gee said...

:)....all the fuss bcus she is a woman?

The Ugly One said...

women are always welcome anywhere, everywhere. the problem is that this is political posting. i feel she's uninspiring. the nation soon will have no role models, i suppose. one good thing about our would-be president is her pure political life!

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