Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lush, lust, up close.

Eye. Speak.

In slow motion, she walks alone in a crowded street. How can you miss her? I fell in love with Mathilda in Leon. Ms Portman. In Closer, she walks with crispy red hair towards journalist Dan. Jude Law. Eyes locked. Love at first sight. Screech. Bump. Down. On the road. ``Where am I, stranger?'' A bleeding knee. Green chairs. Hospital. First Flirt.

On the double decker. ``I write obituaries,'' Law says. ``I am a stripper,'' the waif says. Suddenly, the couple walk into a memorial garden. Of people who died saving others. ``My name is Alice. Alice Ayers.''

A year later, Dan writes the story of stripper who sleeps with him. Hers is an unconditional love. For publicity of the book, he walks into Anna's (Ms Roberts) studio. She read the book for the portrait waking up till 4 am. Asks him to title it `Aquarium'. Love. At first sight. The pretty woman she is, Julia's shutter captures up close their kiss. First kiss.

Anna is in an aquarium. Larry, a doctor, asks her for a night of orgy. ``You promised me in cyber chat.'' ``Me? That must be Dan. Faking me on net.'' By the river. Leica clicks again. ``Not me.'' ``Today's is my birthday.'' He walks a few steps, buys her a blue-balloon fish. Love. First Sight. Natalie cries. Leica. Tears.

Fuck. First Night. Every Night.

Exhibition of strangers. Natalie's teary eye in a huge black and white frame. ``Portraits look beautiful. They are all sad creatures.'' Larry gets to know the stripper. Natalie leaves in a cab. Dan can't wait anymore. Argues with Anna. Fuck. Larry senses it.

A year later. Dan's confession. Alice disappears. Anna's confession. Larry is lost. ``How long? ``Opening (of exhibition).'' ``Why did you marry me?'' ``I'm sorry.'' ``Did you come?'' ``Yes'' How many times?'' ``Twice.'' ``Is he a better fucker?'' ``Gentler.'' ``Does he tastes better?'' ``Sweeter.'' ``Thanks so much for your honesty.''

Concert. Dan and Anna. Hugs and kisses. Rewind. Coffee shop. White Tables. ``Sign.'' ``Come to my clinic. I want to fuck you for one last time. I will not disturb you again.'' Fuck. ``Sign.'' ``Don't go. He's a loser.'' ``Sign.'' Larry.

Dinner. ``Did you sleep with him.'' ``He will not disturb us again.'' ``I can feel him all over you.'' Rain. Larry's clinic. Knock. Knock. ``You can go in.'' ``You should leave her.'' Silence. ``I liked your book.'' ``Thanks. I'm obituary editor.'' ``Alice lives here.'' Scribble. Address. Door opens. ``Dan, I fucked Alice. A whole night.''

A hotel room. Smooch, smooch. ``What did I say when you picked me up?'' ``Stranger.'' ``With whom did you go to the memorial garden?'' ``My father.'' ``What was the color of the chairs in the hospital?'' ``Hmph.'' ``Green.'' ``I kissed you on the forehead.'' ``Give me your passport?'' ``I never allow anyone to see my picture in the passport.''

``Did you sleep with him?'' Silence. Walks away. Lift. Comes back. ``Did you sleep with him?'' ``It is no longer there. My love.'' ``Did you sleep?'' ``Yes. One night.'' ``Why?'' ``I liked the way he talked. Leave me.''

Larry and Anna in bed. Top angle. Anna. Lights off. Dim. Blue light. Anna's heart is bleeding. Dan, she cries. Solitude. Dan walks into the memorial garden. Stops for a moment. Name board. Alice Ayers. Saved three children....

Airport. Looking at the red headed woman in passport, the customs official stares at Alice. ``Welcome home Ms Jensen.'' A crowded street. She walks with that rare gait. Of a waif.

I am not sure how I fell in love with Patrick Marber. Apparently, the world fell for the play a decade ago. Only I din't know. I must read the play. A crisp screen play, chiseled dialogues, angles tight and up close, light radiant and glowing, emotions pure and raw. Taut.

The story of two love-locked couples. You doubt casting of Clive Owen as Larry. Actually, you don't realise he carries the film with his honesty. Consumed by passion for love of the two women, Law portrays subtly the self-doubt plaguing a loser. Julia looks lovely but is an understatement. Natalie, the waif, walks through the film like a stormy breeze. Lush.

Fish. Marber. Mike. Fuck.

A modern classic.

Stories From The Soul Town

There lies a magical land. Surrounded by the green ghats to the west, gurgling great rivers on the east, the valley with the very blue sky. A temple town of the tamils. Sitting on the dancing rock on the highland overlooking the valley, the writer procreates the lives of the people of this lesser known south west. Full of strange yet simple souls.