Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kuchu turns 1

For those few kindred souls who prayed for a faceless little boy born last summer in chennai, here he is. kuchu turned 1 few days back.
As you read this, he is spending his summer holidays in the cool climes at his father's home in kodaikanal. His mom is still anxious as to how he will adjust to the chillness of the hill station. This is the first time, he is travelled up the hills. All these days were spent at the windy town that happens to be the constituency of one of the corrupt lady of our times.
Of course, kutchu knows the grand-old hero, now dead, who stands as a statue right in front of his home. His grandpa, the quintessential doctor, has been his teacher as mom and dad are busy treating hundreds of patients at the government hospitals in the hinterland. Achu, who goes to school in the district headquarters, is a strong man now.
Leaving the big city, kuchu has had his difficulties, specially in eating, but has slowly swallowed it. If you ever visit him, you can see him speed up and down the long, narrow dark corridor a hundred times a day in his car (see the pic). Simply unstoppable.
kuchu's aunt delivered a baby girl just before he cut his first cake.

Stories From The Soul Town

There lies a magical land. Surrounded by the green ghats to the west, gurgling great rivers on the east, the valley with the very blue sky. A temple town of the tamils. Sitting on the dancing rock on the highland overlooking the valley, the writer procreates the lives of the people of this lesser known south west. Full of strange yet simple souls.