Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cheran's poetry

by the sea, three notes

Rising as
tides high and above
dies as bubbles
She walks ashore
me still
within waves
Sea swallows sun
Splits bloody red
Spraying the clouds

In the shore
day dries
night fritters

waves sorrowful
will be shriller.


past tense

a desolate street
in the rain,
under sirissa tree

to see you coming
was unbelievable;
yet it happened

after lengthy days,
i saw trembling fingers
holding tight
a book bunch and an umbrella
and battering eyelids
like a butterfly;
you were shocked.

can't look away
can't walk away

`let day dawn and rain go'
that heart of yours
prays i think

my little girl

that day's sun
died that day

- Urudhiramurthy Cheran.

Note: Cheran is one of the foremost poets of Sri Lanka. These two have been selected from Kalachuvadu's - Nee Ippozhuthu Irangum Aru (You, Now The Downhill River - Cheran's Hundred Poems. Hope I am able to translate many more.


Kavitha said...

Guess i might need time to go back to Cheran's poems and make a comparison. but as stand alone poems, the translation is outstanding!!!! And i never knew you like Cheran. I am his huge fan! In fact i ve interviewed him but unfortunately not on poems:(

avronea said...

hmmm...the translation needs some tweaking but i love the imagery. and the first poem, i find particularly evocative - i'm reading abandon by pico iyer and they seem to share some soul...fascinating how certain perspectives can cut across language and geography to communicate a common humanity...

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