Saturday, March 03, 2007

you are free to spend my girl

It is now very clear that Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has given a blank cheque to his daughter Kanimozhi for the Chennai's folk festival Chennai Sangamam, that concluded amidst controversy.

The Government Order issued hurriedly on Feb 13, a week before the festival, virtually granted the Special Commissioner of Tourism to fund the initiative of Tamil Maiyam, of which Kanimozhi is the co-ordinator.

The GO No 20 allows the Tourism Special Commissioner to spend ``beyond the ceiling (of Rs 3 lakh)'' and send a statement of expenditure for an ``after-issue sanction''. Meaning, the government has directed the special commisioner approve of all the costs incurred after the event is over.

At the press meet, as well as afterwards, the organisers have been defending that the government only took care of the logisitics for the event and as such did not spend any money. Can MK order an audit?

Very unlikely. For the tired soul, as a father, can be proud of only his daughter to have his literary skills and his love for Tamil language. It need not be mentioned that the three sons are known rogues.


avronea said... of em was invited to give graduation speech at AU...the irony i tell you, the irony!

bhamsblog said...

i can add to this. at least in the one press conference i attended, we asked kani and gaspar if it;s nto true that they projected 6 crore expense. we did ask if it's not funny that a project is getitng sanctioned without details of the projections being made public. and gaspar said details would be ready in a couple of days time, and that for the time being only the logistics were being provided. i would like to see the expense account of the lodgings of the folk artistes... i think they were clubbed together anyhow, and they certainly did not get the best food, water or other comforts. but then the justification wd be that the guys are better off here thqan in their own villages. thing is most of them go back to being farm labourers when they return.

Vani said...

Hi...gotcha! Finally, your veneer of anonymity is ripped...why dost though leave comments on my blog and refuse to identify thyself, angel?

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