Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sea of Serenity

I just finished reading Vikram Sarabhai - a life -

I am amazed. I expect you to.

First, we all know V was the inspiration behind our space programme. Last fortnight, Madhavan Nair, one of the rocket boys, talked about V's vision. Kalam's ignited mind will vouch for it.

Two, V founded the Physical Research Laboratory. Of which not many of us have any idea.

Three, V founded IIM-Ahmedabad. Ironically, to train managers for our own country.

Four, V founded ORG. The first market research group.

Five, V founded ATIRA (I guess i am right). It is the research body for textiles in Ahmedabad.

Six, personally he created the Sarabhai Chemicals from scratch.

I think I have forgotten one or two.

Virkam was the first one to talk of using television for education (not entertainment).

And, Till now, V seems to be the only one in DAE to have resisted the temptation for n-bombs.

Truly a visionary. Like many, I also thought why he died early. We missed out.

Salutes to the Sarabhai spirit.

Hope such spirits haunt a new generation.

By the way, a huge crater in the Sea of Serenity in the Moon has got Vikram Sarabhai's name.

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