Thursday, March 15, 2007

beyond boundaries

it will be interesting to know how governments work in irony.

beyond the boundary.
when the sri lankan navy continued to fire on tamil fishermen, the tamil government, led by the dmk, oranised a massive protest rally and gave a memorandum to the lankan government's representative in the city. we can't tolerate this human rights violation any more, he said. across the seas, there are thousands and thousands fighting for survival, all along he said we want india to help out. he has been saying this for ten months now. human rights violations continue to happen in the island nation non-stop. of course, it has been a long time we have heard someone terming mk as the leader of world tamils.

down here in the city. he has been talking about airport expansion. only talking and of course promising not to demolish constructed houses. where will come the green field airport then. oragadam or sriperumbudur? why not take up the land of the rich and politicians in the old mahabalipuram road. if you are going to have a six lane super high-way over there, then why not have your airport on that stretch? if the government is not for destroying the homes of the poor, then it is also not for taking over the land of the rich worth crores and compensate in lakhs. that could be for more dangerous than shifting the poor and lower middle class. wonder where will development come from.

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