Thursday, February 08, 2007

vice chancellors!

The new government in power has got it terribly wrong. All the vice chancellors appointed till date have been political postings.

The first to get the post, in Bharatiar University in Coimbatore, paid Rs 41 lakhs. Through the chief minister's first son. Now, wherever he goes, he proudly recalls how he fell at the feet of chief minister, who was kind enough to give him his tamil books to be translated. Foolish, he also admits that he felt stupid when the President asked him about the books, in linguistics, he had presented to His Excellency.

The one at the varsity celebrating 150 years has paid half C. He got it through the union shipper and the state planner. His ultimate aim is to get into that maritime university. That is something of a money at 100 C. For that half a C is peanut.

Again, the latest to have been posted as the technical vice chancellors have also rumoured to have paid big. The personal secretary, who was the ``doctoral guide'' to several eminent personalities like the governor's personal secretary for 11 years, the president of the self-financing engineering colleges, who's stupid enough to flaunt his fluency in spoken english, to name a few, has paid a cool 1 C.

all in the name of education. Poor pro-chancellor got nothing for him. So he has a plan.

Continued Tomorrow...

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