Thursday, February 22, 2007

Uday's transfer...

It has come as a surprise. All of a sudden, Madurai Collector T Udayachandran has been shifted to Erode. Uday was the man who was solely responsible for the successful elections in the three reserved panchayats in the last decade.

Fittingly though, one of the presidents said he would self-immolate if Uday is transferred. But Uday has been replaced by Erode collector Karthikeyan. The panchayat presidents have been pacified.

But why was Uday transferred? It should be recalled that Uday, as the MD of ELCOT, was the one who refused to sign in the Singapore real estate deal in Siruseri IT Park when AIADMK was in power. Put under compulsory wait, Uday got married and waited till the DMK returned to power.

Collectorship of Madurai was to appreciate his honesty. The only problem in the posting was that the collector had to deal with the CM's uncrowned son of the south. Inspite of it, Uday survived, solely for the reason he was able to reintroduce democracy, even if it is farce, in the three reserved panchayats.

Predictably, Uday got close to the Communists, without whom it might not have been possible. It started irritating the CM's second son. Secondly, Uday was the only officer in the temple city not to greet the second son on his birthday. Even the CM came down to wish him. It was then, the present transfer was decided.

Of late, Uday was also not signing in papers sent by the second son. So, the shift. Uday, away from the hot seat, will be happy to move into the quietness of Erode in the days to come.


bhamsblog said...

do u honestly think it is possible for top cops and ias officers to function in the state without doing the bidding of the powers behind the thrones of both the dmk and admk?

avronea said...

dude, what happened to our blog to report the unvarnished truth seem to be moving in that direction but still, what say?

bhamsblog said...

the reason why i raised that ? earlier is b'cos todya iif u tell me that there is an IAS officer working without prejudice or personal agenda. i would find it difficlut to believe you.

The Ugly One said...

avro, it takes time and the network. we will talk about it.

The Ugly One said...

bhams, its perfectly possible. and there are many to my knowledge.

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