Friday, January 26, 2007

Things That Never Change

1. Parents will never change. My sis-in-law had come down with her son. She said to us and must be to everyone down here, ``Shakti will study in Hardvard. Right Shakti?''. Never mind that MIT is close to her house also.

2. Many ask me why women like me. May be, there are very few to listen to women, relate to their feelings and basically respect them for what they are. As often I used to, I think women, inspite of their intelligence and intellect, are still foolish.

3. I think I will contiue to be lazy and at times concerned, not abt me, but abt others. I watched Bharathi this afternoon.


Ram said...

yeah... parents wont change.. i agree with that,
and i agree with the women are foolish part too!!
and its a coincidence that i too saw bharathi today.. nice depiction and i love that guy!!

avronea said...

women are foolish??? why because we like you??? :-P!!!

and very cool. you figured how to add links :-)

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