Wednesday, March 10, 2010

parivarthan - be the change

We all know that change is the only constant in life. And we take it for granted that change will happen and we do not have to worry about it. I learnt about a small group of women who sincerely believe in contributing to change, albeit in a small way. The group has named itself `Parivarthan'. Aptly so.

All these women, working online to teach the world, wanted to contribute to the real world. So they discussed during luncheon meets and coffee breaks the ways they can change someone's lives.

Well, these committed class first organised an exhibition cum sale of things produced by mentally challenged people from the banyan at office complex. The response from the kind-hearted was quite heart-whelming. The banyan thanked profusely.

I am not sure where the spark came from. We may not be able to discriminate between the hearts of women as to which one radiating love better. It could be the girl with a social bent of mind, volunteering herself to those in need, especially in dire need of the bloody blood, which we have so much but still reluctant to donate, every now and then.

Then they wanted to give free meal to the inmates of an orphanage. And I went, along with one of those real beauty, to the home. They were all children. Very special children. Looking into the vacant, introspecting, smiling, wandering nowhere, but still communicating.

One little boy showed me the teddy bear in his t-shirt, the other was wondering why this ugly one was sitting in the middle of the verandah, then came she. Anu. She fell all over me. She wasn't interested in me. She touched my sunglasses. She saw herself in the glass. `kannadi,' she said.

`yes. do you want one? i will get you one. don't worry'.

`moonu venum (want three)'

`She has two friends. They are real close' said the ayah.

`ok. adutha thadava varapo moonu kannadi vangittu varen (will bring three sunglasses next visit)'

as i know myself, am not sure when i am gonna honour my commitment.

what is sure is that these wonder kids will have more free lunches.

now, you know what parivarthan is all about.

its about 11 working women. plus 2 boys.

its not about free lunches.

its not just the heart.

i have a good one.

its commitment.


Matangi Mawley said...


thanks for sharing!

Jaya said...
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Unnikrishnan said...

some intuition says that there are more boys involved...

Sandhya said...

Wow...Good to see a blog on Parivarthan! And thanks a ton for writing it. It was a nice read...

And a small correction, Parivarthan is 10 women and 3 men...

@Unni..'Boys' huh??

Lakshmi said...

The essence of Parivarthan so well captured!

Jaya said...

Tried to edit..but failed

Amar said...

Bavs. Is Pavithram from Akka's company. I heard from Akkas abt the exhibition project, but this free lunch is news to me. Great!! Akkas keep going!!

அருண் பிரசாத் said...

Hi Aravind,

This is Arunprasath. Kayathri's Husband. I am going to write about parivarhtan in my blog. Shall i use this Image for my post. I looks opt for the article.



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