Friday, December 21, 2007

bbbbrrrrrreeaaaakkinnnnng news...

the rumour mills in the corridors of power at the fort st george have started churning out the latest. as promised, the dmk patriarch, is likely to crown his son, the heir-apparent, on his return. not as the chief. but deputy chief. with finance and industries, i suppose.

the prodigal son, is holidaying in the backwaters, musing from a house-boat along the still waters of kumarakoam, when heavy rains have claimed 49 lives in his own state. the poor chap, who has had a whirlwind tour of the state, is relaxing with his family. with wife, son, daughter and playing grand-daddy.

the son's close confidant, for a change, a male, once-upon-a-time teacher, with a foul mouth, is likely to take up the local administration stuff. the genial, the gold, once-upon-a-time, an engineer, with mild manners, is likely to take care of the higher education as well.

its confirmed, the wind says.

1 comment:

Matangi Mawley said...

not-so-clever was the "prodigal son".. least he could ve done was to check 4 cameras around..!

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