Wednesday, November 29, 2006

time to type

i was supposed to have written for her a long time ago. that was the first time i failed to sooth a girl with words of comfort. she was feeling pretty bad about life. being very young and intelligent, she has an existenial problem.

with so much to do, like and love, she still was suffering. she asked me why things were not happening her way. why the relationships she wanted were not working out as she desired. i said i will reply in few days.

i failed. for i knew she is smart enough to come out of it on her own. and that the other person in relation, from what she said, looked matured and sensitive to her very life. i was sure they could manage without me or my takes on their lives.

i havent known her really. i know her barely for a few months. she is emotional and attached. like most of the women. yet she is different. may be, she shows them not. what attracted me towards is not her intelligence or her (mostly wasted) writing skills, but her thirst for love.

she likes to be all on her own. still she likes to be loved. not outwardly, but deeply. for now, i have no words. life has already been cruel to her. and the only man she loves most is ill. i doubt if words would comfort her. may be not even warm hugs can. knowing the strength of the man, he soon will be back in home caring and cooking for her.

for now, i don't know what to write for her. except that, the road ahead looks lonely. she walks with a freedom, like her father walked years ago, to new shores, to be a professional, to have daughters like her.

and that, there's a friend and family to fall back.

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avronea said...

Thank you.

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